18" and 15" doll clothes and accesories.

Soft doll furniture . Doll food and Barbie clothes

Free Spirit Silk

Encore Jewellery and Sewing

Debuces Fish

Darla Creations

upcycle instrument string and guitar pick jewellery + home decor (earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets + guitar string baskets).

 tote bags, children's game bags, Christmas stockings sewn from ​used sails


Fused Glass Diva

Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Silver Jewellery -
Birthstone Colours and Tartan Jewellery including

Provincial and Clan Tartans

hand-dyed, printed and painted silk scarves, shawls, 

ponchos, tops and sleeveless kimono vests.


fused glass platters, bowls and plates, Christmas ornaments, suncatchers, lanterns, terrariums, ponytail holders, barrettes, cuflinks, flower Pot charms, fridge magnets, wall art + more

one of a kind felted wool art, home decor and wearables

East Coast Beach Sand

items handcrafted from denim, canvas and other fabrics

 screenprinted with original illustrations - aprons, bags, totes,

clutches, purses, crossbody bags and tool rolls

Dafoe Design

ecofab mama

Especially For You Handcrafted Jewellery

plates, plaques, mermaid candles, castle candles, starfish candles, wine glass candles, ornaments, mirrors, clocks treasure boxes, driftwood shelves, pendants, earrings, magnets made from nova scotia sand 

Reusable Products (sandwich bags, bowl covers, produce bags, cutlery, makeup pads, scrubbies, boo boo bags, wool dryer balls).

handsewn scrunchies, pillow pals, fleece socks + car seat ponchos

Connecting shoppers with maritime artists

Custom bent wood rings.  Each a custom art piece. rings can include

 clients own items and things (ie, ashes, beach sand from vacation, floral arrangements, guitar strings etc)

Fresh roasted coffee, Hand thrown pottery + 
Recycled burlap coffee bean bags turned into tote/reusable bags

Fire & Stone Coffee Roasters

Doyle & Day Design

#MARITIMEloyaltolocal campaign

handmade precious metal jewellery

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Flight of the Eagle Jewellery Arts

"EcoFish"  -  Made from clear 2 liter pop bottles

 each with it's own solar light inside.